You can get a prescription vitamin from your doctor or pharmacy when you need it. In general, the Dutch have little to do with a (serious) vitamin deficiency, but sometimes you need extra supplements with vitamins for other reasons. In that case, your doctor can write out a prescription.
In this article, we look at when you need a prescription vitamin and how you could avoid it.

When do I need prescription vitamins?

Prescription Vitamin Necessary1It is quite normal to feel a little sick sometimes, or you just don't feel good about yourself. In the winter you often take some extra vitamin C supplements or drink more orange juice. If you don't sleep well, it sometimes helps to drink some herbal tea, or take magnesium pills to calm you down. We often already use support ourselves, but sometimes it is necessary to get a vitamin on prescription. And that is possible for the following reasons:

1. You are deficient in vitamins

Suppose you have been listless, tired, and have pain in your lower back for weeks. This could be a sign of a vitamin D deficiency. When you go to the doctor to have your blood tested, you will be told that you do indeed have a vitamin D deficiency. As a solution, the doctor will write you a prescription vitamin. That way you get exactly the right dose.

2. You sleep badly

You can also get a prescription vitamin if you suffer from other complaints, such as a persistent bad night's sleep. This does not necessarily have to be a vitamin, but can also be melatonin in a higher dose than the one you can get at the drugstore.

3. You absorb a certain vitamin less well

Sometimes your body absorbs one or more substances less well because of a certain disease or condition, or because you are taking medication that means you absorb vitamins less well. In this case, a prescription vitamin is also necessary to stay healthy and avoid deficiency.

4. Prescription vitamin because you fall into a risk group

Certain people are more likely to have a vitamin deficiency, such as pregnant people when they also have to support their child, people with alcohol addiction, or people with an eating disorder. If a doctor suspects that they have a higher chance of getting a vitamin deficiency, they can prescribe a vitamin on prescription as a preventive measure.

How can you avoid needing a prescription vitamin?

Prescription Vitamin Necessary2If you want to avoid needing a prescription vitamin, you can take several measures to get enough vitamins yourself. For example, you can choose to use supplements from a drugstore. However, keep in mind that an excess of vitamins sometimes also leads to health problems.

A better option is to eat a balanced diet. If you eat the right way, you get enough vitamins and minerals. This way you reduce the chance of a shortage, and you also have good food!

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