When you buy vitamins and supplements from a vitamin store , you naturally want to feel good about placing the order. This feeling often comes from the layout and content of this webshop or store.
In this article we look at how you can recognize a reliable online vitamin store and which criteria this store meets.

What criteria does a good vitamin store meet?

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A website is not just a layout and some products, but much more than that. It is also about the information, how the owner/employees deal with customers and how the products are recommended. In addition, the products must of course be safe for use. That is why we have drawn up a list with the criteria that a good vitamin store must meet.

1. Approved Products

First of all, it is important that all products sold on the website are actually authorized by the NVWA . They must meet a number of guidelines and must be fully approved before they can enter the store. Isn't this so? Then the company could be fined.

2. Permitted Product Claims

The seller is not allowed to make health claims for non-medical products. To say that vitamin C helps with cancer is therefore a false claim. However, there are a number of permitted claims that a company may make. This is based on the European Union ‘s list of permitted claims . A health claim must be well substantiated with sufficient evidence, such as vitamin B8 that contributes to a normal metabolism. If a vitamin store only uses permitted claims, there's a good chance that this store is trustworthy.

3. Ingredient List

In addition to only stating approved claims, it is also important that an ingredient list is stated per product. In this way, the consumer immediately knows which substances are present in the supplements and whether they are safe for the consumer. Some supplements contain lactose, while others have a vegetable shell. In addition, it is nice to know how much of the active substance is present per pill/capsule.

4. Warning

No matter how good a certain vitamin is for you, there are always possibilities that it will not work as well or cause side effects. That is why it is important that every product has a warning. That's how people know if it's safe for them to take. For example, if you take blood thinners, it is unwise to also take a supplement that dilutes your blood.

5. Instructions for use

A user manual is also a real must-have. This shows how, when and how often you should use a certain product. Instructions for use are often accompanied by a warning, so that you do not take too much of the supplements.

6. Vitamin store reviews

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A website without reviews can be very unreliable. You don't know whether the customers actually get the products and how well these products work. If a website does show reviews, and also offers them per product, this already provides much more certainty. You can also filter on the most recent reviews, what the negative reviews said, and whether the store itself has responded to that.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to reviews, it is also important that the most frequently asked questions are answered. This can remove a lot of uncertainty and prevent customer service from being flooded with the same questions. If you have a question about something, you can look it up immediately and you don't have to wait for an answer.

8. Personal customer service

A good vitamin store also has personal customer service. You can go here for questions about the product, but also if you are not sure which supplements are right for you. They can support you in this by giving you the right information so that you can make an informed choice.

9. Clear overview of the vitamin store

Finally, it is also very important that the vitamin store has a clear overview. The idea is that you can easily find the products you are looking for and that they are listed in a nice order. When you can no longer see the forest for the trees, the chances are small that you will buy a product. A well-arranged website with correct information and useful filter functions is therefore a real must-have for a good website.

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