The mouth cap obligation – you would almost have forgotten it! As of today (1 December 2020), wearing a face mask in public indoor spaces is mandatory. Are you about to leave home? Then it is good to check whether you have a mouth cap with you.
Today, the mouth cap obligation has started throughout the Netherlands. So don't forget it, your mouth cap. Because are you found by the police or boas in a public indoor space without a mouth cap? Then you risk a fine of €95.00. Young people under the age of 13 have lost €38.00 if they do not wear a mouth cap in public indoor areas.

Can enforcers in the supermarket write a fine?

Enforcers – including boas and police officers – have the authority to issue fines in all public indoor areas. This also applies to supermarkets. The mouth cap obligation is also in force there.
Nevertheless, the Dutch BOA Bond indicates that they encourage their colleagues to first enter into a conversation with an offender. “Writing a fine for violating the mask obligation should only be used as a last resort,” said Eric Lakenman (chairman of the Dutch BOA Association).
Some supermarket chains have already started to actively prevent or address customers without a mask, such as supermarket chain DEEN. For example, DEEN has chosen to deploy special employees who address customers if they do not wear a mouth cap. Does a customer not have a mouth cap with him? Then they can get one from an employee.

Until when does the mouth cap obligation apply?

At the time of writing, the mask obligation in public indoor spaces applies for a period of 3 months. This means that making face masks mandatory in public indoor spaces will last until March 1, 2021.
Over time, the government will determine whether an extension of the mask obligation is necessary. The number of corona infections is taken as a benchmark for this. It is therefore also possible that the mandatory wearing of a mouth cap will end earlier than March 1, 2021.
Until then: don't forget your mouth cap! This saves you a possible fine and benefits the health of you and others.

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