Everyone dreams during his or her sleep. However, most people are not aware of the fact that they are dreaming. That changes the moment you have lucid dreams. This type of dream applies that the sleeper is fully aware of what is happening and of the fact that everything is just a dream (and therefore not reality).
In this article, we zoom in on what lucid dreams are and which herbs can contribute to achieving this type of dream.

Top 10 Best Herbs For Lucid Dreaming

Herbs For Lucid Dreaming1A lot of people like to dream lucidly during a nice and good night's sleep, so they look for possibilities to realize these kinds of dreams.

Would you also like to improve your chances of having lucid dreams?
This is possible by using the right herbs. We selected the best herbs for this and have listed them in this informative article.

1. Calea zacatechichi

The first herb that can help you have lucid dreams is called ‘Calea zacatechichi'. This herb is often referred to as being the so-called ‘dream herb'.
This is since this herb has proven efficacy in stimulating lucid dreaming. The herb Calea zacatechichi also helps structurally in practice to ensure that you can still remember the content of your dreams, even after you wake up.
Are you someone who has never had a lucid dream before and do you want to make it happen now? Then this herb might be worth a try!

2. Lucid dreaming with Ginkgo biloba

Herbs For Lucid Dreaming2A second herb to consider is ‘Ginkgo Biloba's. This is an herb known for not only improving brain function but also boosting memory.

This herb has been proven to boost not only memory but also so-called cognitive speed. Both things can help you have better dreams. Ginkgo biloba has also been one of the most commonly used ancient Chinese medicines for many years.
It is not only interesting for your dreams to start using the Ginkgo biloba herb. This is also the case as far as improving blood flow is concerned. Finally, this herb could offer added value to people who are dealing with dementia.
Partly for this reason, this herb is often also given to people who have to deal with Alzheimer's.

3. Heimia salicifolia

The third herb that can help you have lucid dreams is ‘Heimia salicifolia'. This is perhaps one of the most special herbs on this entire list. Heimia salicifolia is therefore a strange herb, which can be used to get not only powerful but also life-changing dreams.
In the past, especially by the Ancient Aztecs, the Heimia salicifolia herb was used to access old memories that had been forgotten. The intake of this herb turned out to make a significant contribution to this.

4. Wild asparagus root

The fourth herb is called ‘Wild asparagus root'. It is quite possible that you also know her by the nickname ‘the flying herb'. The wild asparagus root has been nicknamed this because it is possible that this herb can transport you to the universe while you are sleeping.
In addition, the herb is said to help people open their hearts and improve energy flow to the heart. The best way to get the wild asparagus root herb is to make a strong tea with the leaves of this root.
Mind you, it is important to filter these leaves well, so that all small critters are removed. Try to drink the tea fairly quickly and then enjoy a good night's sleep and possibly lucid dreaming!

5. Valerian Root

Herbs For Lucid Dreaming3In practice, valerian root also can induce sleep. People who suffer from insomnia often benefit greatly from taking this herb. This root has been used in the medical world for many years in all kinds of different medicines.

Not only does valerian root promote sleep; in addition, you will find that it can help you to have beautiful, lucid dreams. Moreover, these are not all the benefits you can count on when using valerian root.
After all, practice shows that it can help treat not only joint pain but also headaches. People who suffer from depression would also benefit from the intake of valerian root.

6. Peppermint for Lucid Dreams

Sometimes you don't have to look far at all. On the contrary: Peppermint, for example, would also be able to give the dream quality a boost.
In addition, peppermint could lead to the scene becoming even more vivid while dreaming. Many people drink peppermint tea simply because it tastes good.
That's a relief, since many of the other herbs in this list have a less tasty taste, to say the least.

7. Silene capensis (African dream root)

We know Silene capensis (African dream root) in particular as a powerful agent that is widely used by South Africans. The herb is used by the Xhosa tribe, among others, because it can help induce powerful and incredibly vivid dreams.
Silene capensis is believed by many to be so helpful in dream recall that even a small amount should enable the person who ingested it the next morning to suddenly realize the most complicated dream in great detail. relive.
Do you want to be able to enjoy beautiful lucid dreams soon? Then you can focus on this type of herb.

8. Mullein (King Candle)

Herbs For Lucid Dreaming4Mullein is known to help ward off evil spirits and nightmares while you sleep. Many tribes make use of this herb to avoid having to deal with scary dreams.

Even though this herb is believed to help induce lucid dreaming, not much research has been done on it. It's good to keep this in mind.

9. Mugwort Herb (Mugwort)

Mugwort herb (Mugwort) is quite effective at enhancing dream effects. This is because it adds a sense of vibrancy and color to a dream.
In addition, this herb would ensure that it improves your consciousness. As a result, you as a person are much more aware of what is happening at a certain moment. An additional advantage of this herb is that – unlike other herbs in this list – it is quite easy to find online and in a local health food store.

10. Burdock Root (Burdock)

Finally, there is burdock root (Burdock). Burdock root appears to be able to make an incredibly interesting contribution to the realization of positive dreams. Also, the herb is said to have a calming effect on the mind and is said to be able to prevent nightmares.
Are you someone who regularly suffers from scary dreams and would you rather experience beautiful, lucid dreams? In that case, burdock root may be more than worth a try!

How to use these herbs to promote lucid dreaming?

Just as with nighttime supplements for better sleep, the herbs in this article will not automatically give you lucid dreams. This means that you will still have to put in a little work and effort yourself.
It may also be necessary to learn certain techniques. In any case, when it comes to using these herbs, you would do well to keep in mind the tips below:

  1. Before taking anything, it is always good to consult a medical specialist such as a doctor.
  2. It is strongly recommended that you always write down your experience with a particular herb.
  3. Do not take more than two of these herbs at a time. It's best to use just one herb for a few weeks. Only then can you discover how well it works for you.
  4. Thoroughly read the “manual” for each herb you plan to use.

Anyway, are you looking for potentially interesting tools that can help induce lucid dreaming? Then you can choose to try one or more of the herbs described above.

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