More and more care products contain a Q10 supplement. It is also increasingly common in individual supplements or as part of a multivitamin pill. Still, this supplement seems to be very new, so what exactly does it do?
In this article, we look at what a Q10 supplement is and what it can do for your body.

What is a Q10 supplement?

Q10 Supplement 1Q10 stands for coenzyme Q10 and is also called CoQ10. It is an important part of your body as it helps to create energy in cells. Your body naturally already produces Q10, but as you get older, its production decreases. Without Q10, your cells die. It is therefore found everywhere in your body and is essential for the health of your cells.

In addition to generating energy for your cells, Q10 also functions as an antioxidant and keeps the membranes of your cells flexible. This is also why you find a lot of Q10 in care products: it makes the skin more flexible. This enzyme is also found in animal foods, but to a small extent.
When your body has too little Q10, you can quickly notice the effects. This can make you more likely to suffer from vitamin deficiencies, such as vitamin B6. There is also a chance that you will feel more side effects from certain medications or medical treatments and your skin will age faster.

Benefits of a Q10 supplement

Q10 Supplement 2Because Q10 is so important for your health, many people benefit from taking this supplement. Especially aging people benefit from this because their body produces less Q10. You can safely use a Q10 supplement. It has few side effects because your body is already familiar with it. However, it is always wise to only start taking supplements after consulting your doctor.

1. Q10 Supplement Can Boost Your Fertility

Because Q10 both provides energy to your cells and protects them, too little Q10 ensures that your cells can suffer more damage. This also includes your eggs. Free radicals can do more damage to your eggs in this way, making you less fertile. Taking enough Q10 helps to prevent this damage.

2. It keeps your skin supple

Your skin is constantly exposed to all kinds of harmful factors, from a dry, chilly wind to the exhaust fumes of various cars. The cells in your skin work hard to keep your skin healthy. Q10 can give just the extra push to keep your skin young and supple because it actively counteracts this damage and attacks harmful substances.

3. It helps with headaches

Too much damage from free radicals can lead to fatigue and headaches. From research has shown that Q10 supplements help to restore the mitochondria of your cells thereby reducing your headache. People with chronic migraine also seem to have a Q10 deficiency more often than others.

4. It fights fatigue after exercise

During exercise, your muscles come into contact with a lot of oxygen, which causes more oxidative damage. As a result, you become exhausted and often suffer from muscle pain. Q10 supplement helps counter this by allowing your muscles to recover faster and reduce fatigue. This allows you to train longer and stay tired for a shorter period.

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