You are probably familiar with meditation, but have you ever heard of sleep meditation? This is a technique that helps to fall asleep better and faster. It can also help you experience a deeper night's sleep.
In this article, we look at the definition of sleep meditation, what information goes with it and how you can try it yourself. Read on quickly!

What is Sleep Meditation?

Sleep Meditation Information1Research has shown that 30 to 50% of all adults have trouble sleeping. In many of these cases, insomnia is caused by stress. As a solution to this stress, you will often read about meditation. However, sleep meditation approaches it in a slightly different way.

In sleep meditation, you listen to a guided meditation while lying in bed. The purpose of this form of meditation is to move your thoughts from worrying to the present. For example, the audio file will tell you to focus on your breathing, but sometimes they will also give you other things to focus on.

How exactly does sleep meditation work?

While listening to the guided meditation, focus on your breathing and your body. You become more aware of yourself in your environment. In addition, you shift your attention from your stressful thoughts to your breathing.
Your breathing calms down and your heart rate slows down. This is the sign for your body to get ready for a good night's sleep. The sleep meditation ensures that you relax and before you know it, you start to doze off more and more.

Try it yourself!

To find out if sleep meditation is right for you, you just have to try it for yourself. You can do this in several ways. Below we explain three ways.

1. Use an app

There are tons of guided meditation apps available today. Each sleep meditation app has different functions, so you can set up your meditation in such a way that it works perfectly for you. This way you can sometimes even adjust the voice of the person to your preference.

2. Use YouTube for Sleep Meditation

The tricky thing about YouTube is that there are still commercials in between, but this platform is full of all kinds of meditations. You have guided meditations, but also meditation music, where you can meditate yourself without the help of a voice. You can also use ASMR here if you like it.

3. Do it all yourself

Sleep Meditation Information2Finally, you can perform meditation sleep yourself. You have to make sure that your meditation fulfills two important steps: Becoming aware of your body, observing your thoughts.

You can become aware of your body by focusing on each body part; from your toes to your crown. Feel how they lie on your bed and how heavy they become.
Observing your thoughts begins with some breathing exercises, in which you take a deep breath, pause for a moment, and then exhale. As you relax, visualize your thoughts coming into your mind as you relax more and more deeply and eventually fall asleep.
If you experience persistent sleep problems, there may be another cause. In this case, it is wise to contact your doctor for a medical examination or advice about sleep supplements.

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