Whatever your goal is; the healthiest beverage choices are water, tea (including tea for a better night's sleep ), and coffee. Diet soft drinks contain almost no calories. However, they can be harmful to your health. This is because the acids can cause tooth erosion. This means that your tooth enamel dissolves due to the acids.
In this article, I inspire you for refreshing drinks with few calories that are very tasty during the warm summer months.

Making iced tea and iced coffee

Iced tea is a delicious drink during the summer. You can make it in different ways. You can read more about this below. I also tell you something about making delicious iced coffee.

Iced tea with a ready-to-use iced tea bag

Refreshing Drinks1If you are in a hurry or don't feel like preparing anything, you can use ready-made iced tea bags.

These bags work almost the same as with tea. The only difference is that you use cold water instead of hot water.
There are iced tea bags from many different brands, such as AH house brand, Lipton, Clipper & Pickwick.

Make your iced tea

Do you have more time and do you want to make a delicious sustainable drink? Then make yourself a refreshing iced tea! There are plenty of recipes that are ready very quickly. You can already prepare iced tea by simply brewing tea with water and letting it cool. You can add extra flavor by adding lime, lemon, and/or honey to your homemade iced tea.
Other recipes usually take a few hours, because the flavor has to be absorbed. However, this provides even more flavor. For example, try Simon Levelt ‘s recipes.

Making iced coffee

Making an iced coffee without calories is very simple. Let the black coffee cool and add ice cubes.
Do you want to sin once? Then make your iced coffee with a scoop of ice cream and possibly some (coffee) milk. This iced coffee recipe is ready in 10 minutes. Fast, tasty, and refreshing!

Water with fruits, herbs, and vegetables

You can make your water tastier with different healthy fruits and vegetables. Try the combinations below for tastier water (provided you are of course not allergic to one or more of the foods below).

  • Cucumber, mint, and ginger
  • Citroen
  • Lime
  • Strawberry, lime, cucumber & mint
  • Mint & strawberry
  • Apple & cinnamon stick
  • Cucumber, lime, mint & blueberries
  • Watermelon & Mint
  • Lemon & raspberry
  • Strawberry, lemon & basil
  • Strawberries & kiwi
  • Coconuts & pineapples
  • Ginger, mint, and strawberry
  • Orange, cucumber & mint

Fragrance based water

The new brand called “Air Up” has invented water, which involves adding a scent to a special bottle of water. The scent is contained in a scent pod that you place at the top of the water bottle. The aromas of the fragrance are extracted from fruits, herbs, and plants.
Because of the smell, you get the chosen taste in your mouth. However, no flavor is added to the water. As a result, no flavorings have been added to the water and it contains no calories.

Light lemonade

Refreshing Drinks2There are many varieties of lemonade syrups without sugar. This allows you to easily add a flavor to your water. These drinks do not contain acids, so it does not cause dental erosion.

For example, you can choose Slimpie, AH house brands, Karvan Cévitam or Teisseire.
During the summer you can opt for the tropical flavors 0% Pina colada and Mojito. You only need to add a little bit to your water to make a tasty and refreshing lemonade drink.

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