Detoxing is a term you often come across these days. Have you ever wondered why many people talk about the need to cleanse and detoxify the body? Our society has had extraordinary technological breakthroughs over the past decade that have simplified and improved many areas of our lives.
Unfortunately, this technology has also left a veil of toxicity that affects all life on Earth. Human health in the 21st century (and beyond) will be based on our ability to limit exposure to toxins, adapt to environmental stressors, detoxify and heal. The health of your liver and intestines is central to this.

Detox your liver and intestines


The liver and gut are the two most important organs in a “detox” diet. The liver works hard to neutralize the toxins circulating in your body. The gut is the main helper to get those nasty toxins out of your body.
Dietary supplements containing milk thistle, choline, and inositol have the best nutrients to cleanse the liver during a detox. The herb called “milk thistle” has been used for hundreds of years as a remedy for liver problems. Choline and inositol are vitamins that break down fats in the body and also prevent fatty liver. They can be taken as a supplement or in the form of soy lecithin, a pleasant-tasting powder.
Probiotics or ‘friendly bacteria are used to improve gut conditions to remove toxins from the body. “Bifidobacterium” and “lactobacillus” are the best strains of bacteria to use on a “detox” diet.

Flush out the toxins from your body

Magnesium and zinc are the best minerals for flushing out toxins from your body's cells. The essential mineral magnesium stimulates the activity of cells so that toxins enter the bloodstream. Zinc is a strong antioxidant that destroys ‘free radicals in the body. Zinc also helps remove heavy metals from the body.
Vitamins C and E also help lower toxin levels in the liver and body. Vitamin C acts as a strong antioxidant and increases the amount of glutathione in the liver. Toxins in the liver are neutralized by glutathione. Vitamin E is fat-soluble and fights free radicals in the fat cells.
Taking a good multivitamin and mineral supplement will help protect your body from low levels of a particular nutrient during a detox. Also important!

Detoxing through a personal plan


Each of us has an individual pattern of strengths and weaknesses in our bodies. A detox diet to detoxify can be tailored to weak organs and body systems, providing support to those areas that need the most help.
To get the most out of a detox cure, it is wise to have a personal detox plan drawn up by someone who understands nutrition and dietetics. A personal plan not only offers tools during a detox cure but also ensures (prior to a cure) that any medical conditions are mapped out. Therefore, consult a nutritionist or naturopath to discuss your health, symptoms, diet, and lifestyle before starting a detox.
They can identify your weaknesses and strengths and recommend certain nutritional supplements that address your weaker areas responsibly. Also, if you're taking prescription drugs, check with your doctor before starting a detox.

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