Omega 3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is essential for good health. Our body obtains this fatty acid through various foods, or with the intake of dietary supplements.
These fatty acids are precursors of substances involved in our nervous system, the immune system, the clotting of blood, and the construction of the membranes of brain cells. Another benefit: Omega 3 in fish oil relieves skin problems such as eczema.

How does this omega fatty acid help with physical performance?

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Omega 3, for example, helps to lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, as well as improving both mental and physical health.
Using this type of fatty acid is an important aspect of our daily dietary intake. But this fatty acid is especially important when you exercise – it is a very effective fatty acid to improve your physical performance.
In this article, we describe the five benefits of taking omega 3 supplements for athletes.

5 benefits of omega 3 acids for athletes

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The diet for both athletes, as well as the rest of the population, should be varied and balanced. But in the case of athletes, the need for energy and extra nutrients is greater than that of another person who does not practice sports.
Knowing that sport is a beneficial activity for health, we should also keep in mind that physical exertion is very demanding on our body. Improper nutritional intake increases the risk of injury. However, taking omega 3 offers the following benefits for athletes:

1. Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Improves and prevents problems that we can link to our joints and ligaments.

2. Omega 3 strengthens our immune system

This property ( strengthening the immune system ), along with its anti-inflammatory effect, is associated with increased sports performance and a reduction in fatigue.

3. Improves Central Nervous System Efficiency

Consuming omega 3 regularly improves both the reaction time we have as well as our mood. It also reduces the anxiety that can be associated with sporting events.

4. Reduces Blood Viscosity

This benefit leads to an improvement in the supply of oxygen to the muscles.

5. Strength increase

This type of fatty acid has properties for increasing strength and aerobic performance. (Aerobes are low-intensity activities, such as jogging, for example).

The recommended dose of omega 3

The recommended amount of omega-3 fatty acids for a person who practices a sport is two to four grams per day. Fish oil supplements with this fatty acid can help you reach that dose. That way, your physical performance will most likely improve.
The content of this article is based on scientific publications and was written in collaboration with medical specialists/nutritionists.

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