You probably already know that getting enough good nutrients is essential for good health. But what exactly are nutrients and what are they good for? This question comes up regularly. After all, people would like to know what these building blocks of your body are.
That is why you will find interesting facts and information about nutrients in this article . So after reading this informative article you will know exactly what these substances contain and what they are used for.

What are Nutrients?

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You may have wondered what nutrients are. The majority of these substances that you get through your diet are needed to support numerous body processes.
Without sufficient essential nutrients (such as proteins, vitamins and minerals) it is not possible to have a good condition.
As the name suggests, nutrients are found in all kinds of foods . In fact, all foods contain these substances, but not all of them are good for your health. After all, your body does not need some substances, since they do not occur naturally in healthy foods. They are then added later by humans during the production process.
In short, we can answer the question “what are nutrients?” answer by concluding that they are substances found in foods and – depending on the type of nutrient – ​​are both essential and non-essential for your body and mind.

What are these substances good for?

Now that we know what nutrients are, we can discuss what these substances are good for. We then look purely at the essential substances in food. We have made a distinction between three health benefits.
First of all, we describe the relationship between nutrients and your general condition. We then discuss what the essential substances can mean in the field of combating health complaints. Then you will read more about the prevention of infections and diseases by means of these essential substances in your diet.

1. They provide a good general condition

The essential substances such as amino acids in your diet contribute to ensuring a healthy and vital life. For example, certain nutrients ensure that your energy supply remains at the right level. This would not be possible without these substances.
Think of nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins. But vitamins and minerals are also needed for sufficient energy. After all, without sufficient vitamin B12 and magnesium, your body cannot release enough energy. In case of a serious deficiency, vitamins and minerals nutritional supplements can be an effective aid.
In addition, you need enough healthy substances to be alert and focused during the day. Many substances are converted into energy by your body, or contribute to its release. Read on to find out how certain essential substances can combat health complaints.

2. Essential Nutrients Fight Health Complaints

In addition to contributing to your general condition, essential nutrients ensure that certain health complaints decrease or disappear.

Suppose you have a vitamin deficiency, then vitamin-rich foods or vitamin supplements contribute to counteracting such nutrient deficiencies.
Substances in food can also lead to the prevention of other health problems. For example, think of glucosamine, calcium and potassium. These essential nutrients prevent stiff muscles, injuries and osteoporosis. In this way, you can reduce certain complaints thanks to the correct nutrient intake.

3. These substances in food prevent infections and diseases

Certain essential substances can also prevent infections and diseases. You need sufficient nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc to maintain your resistance. By getting these substances in sufficient quantities, your resistance to diseases and infections can be increased.
It is best to get these substances from natural food. Therefore, make sure that your diet is varied and healthy. This gives your resistance a boost and reduces the chance of contamination with bacteria and viruses. A nutritionist such as a dietitian can help you with this.

Which nutrients do you need?

As described earlier, there are essential and non-essential substances. But which nutrients do you need ? Well, the most important substances in food for good health can be found in the overview below. Thanks to a well-balanced nutrient intake, you can give your mental and physical health a helping hand.
The main nutrients are as follows:

  1. Proteins (including amino acids)
  2. fats
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Vitamins
  5. Minerals
  6. Trace elements

Everyone needs these nutrients to stay healthy and vital. It is advisable to focus on supplementing your diet with sufficient foods containing these substances. This not only benefits your general condition; it also results in better resistance to infections and diseases, and it counteracts certain health complaints.

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