Many experts such as professors, general practitioners, and pulmonologists are angry about the lack of vitamin D advice. For example, professor of (nutrition and health) Jaap Seidell of the Vrije Universiteit: “Waiting for absolute evidence for vitamin D seems unwise given a large number of people with low vitamin D levels and the important role that vitamin D plays in the immune system.”
The usefulness of vitamin D in corona has also been mapped by several scientific studies. For example, the German researcher Prof. Dr. Hermann Brenner has made it clear that there is a link between a deficiency of vitamin D and the impact of the coronavirus. His research shows that a vitamin D deficiency can be responsible for about 9 out of 10 corona deaths. An astonishing number!

Research among people with a vitamin D deficiency

Another professor named Manfred Eggersdorfer points to a study of 118 people with a vitamin D deficiency who were admitted to a German hospital with corona. Of those 118 patients, 16 have now died, according to this scientific study.
More research will be needed to prove that this is indeed a valid relationship. However, the risk seems to be great that there is a relationship between the corona and a lack of vitamin D is. The wait-and-see attitude of the government is not appreciated by many scientists.
One of these is professor of immunology Huub Schavelkoul. He said: “There are more and more studies that show the benefit of vitamin D. I find it a kind of arrogance that the government first wants to wait for a meta-study. It seems as if we don't care that in the meantime people come to the hospital and die. You have to be careful with that comment, but that's where my frustration lies.”

Vitamin D In Corona1
Vitamin D supplements in corona (Image for illustration)

The Ministry of Health is waiting

According to the Ministry of Health, giving vitamin D advice in the event of the corona is not responsible at the time of writing. The spokesperson for the minister explains the following: “To properly understand all corona-related research in the Netherlands – and worldwide – Minister De Jonge has set up an Advisory Panel with independent experts that advise on promising, innovative treatments for COVID-19. This panel has also been asked to advise on Vitamin C and Vitamin D”.
The spokesperson continues:,,We are looking forward to the results of those investigations. The advisory panel does not yet see any reason to set guidelines for vitamin supplementation.”

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