It is often said that healthy food is expensive. If you know what you can save, this doesn't have to be the case. Even with a small budget, you can eat healthily. It is important to plan well and make the right choices.
Impulse purchases often cost more money. If you want to do your shopping quickly at the train station, you will also lose a lot more money.
This article explains how you can save on your groceries.

Food providers

By not always choosing a supermarket, you can also save money. The price may vary by type of provider and location.

Small shops for healthy food and saving money

Certain products can often be found cheaper at small foreign shops and tools, such as eggs and fruit. Pay attention to the quality of fruit and vegetables.
Many of these fruits and vegetables are stored outside, which means they have a shorter shelf life than the products in the supermarket. Therefore, buy fruits and vegetables that you will eat in the short term.

Healthy food markets

Market vendors can also be cheaper. Especially if you visit a market shortly before closing time, you can save a lot of money. Products are then heavily discounted because otherwise they will be thrown away.
You can also negotiate a better price with the supplier on markets. This way you can propose a lower price for a larger order. The more you negotiate, the better you will get at it. Investing in learning to negotiate can ensure that you will save more in the long run.

Saving money at the supermarket

Eat Healthily & Save Money 1You can also save a lot of money in the supermarket by making smart choices. Some products are cheaper here because they are purchased in larger quantities.

Use the tips below if you want to save on your groceries in the supermarket.
Best before and after
If you want to use food in the short term, you can buy products that are discounted because of the best before / before date. The products with a best before date have at least a shelf life until the specified date. These products can still be used after the date if they still look and smell good.
The products with a TGT can be used until the specified date. These should be thrown away after this date.
Nowadays there are also special corners in various supermarkets for products for a low price, for example, 50 cents.
Stack discount
At more and more stores you get a discount if you buy several products at the same time, for example, if you buy a 2nd pack of rice you get a 10% discount. You can keep a stock of long-lasting products at home.
Keep a close eye on what you have at home. This prevents you from buying too much stuff. This means you don't have to unexpectedly throw away products because of spoilage. After all, this costs money.
Budget recipes
Some supermarkets share budget recipes on their website or in their free magazines. This can inspire you. Moreover, you do not have to buy groceries at different stores. This can also save fuel for your car.
View and compare the offers in the different stores. Nowadays you can also search specifically for a product in different folders via various apps. Based on the offers you can think of what you are going to cook.
Make sure that you are going to save a lot with the folders. Sometimes you will save minimal while the provider makes it look like it is a good offer.

Save with good food choices

You can also save by making the right food choices. I will go into this in more detail below.

Frozen fruits and vegetables

This contains as many nutrients as fresh fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it even contains more nutrients, because it is frozen right away.
Fresh fruit and vegetables can often be on the road for a week before it reaches the store. This causes it to lose nutrients.
Make sure that no artificial additives, such as sugar, have been added to the fruits and vegetables.

Dried legumes from a bag

These legumes are often a lot cheaper than the beans from a can or a bag. Especially if you normally take legumes from a bag, you will save a lot.
You have to soak the dried legumes first. This makes them even bigger. You can get several portions from one bag. So you get a lot more. In addition, dried legumes are often healthier, because salt and sugar are often added to the other beans.

Vegetarian / vegan

By not eating meat or fish every day, you can save quite a bit of money. Meat or fish every day is also not necessary for your health.
For example, choose legumes, eggs, tofu, or tempeh once a week.

Too good to go

With the app “Too good to go” you can save money and at the same time contribute to a better environment. This app offers meals and products from different providers that have to throw them away differently. They are often products that they have left at the end of the day.
It is called a magic box because it is a surprise what you will receive. You can sometimes save 10 euros with this.
You can save on bread, cheese, fruit and vegetable boxes, salads, and sushi via the app.


Eat Healthily & Save Money 2You can also save by meal prepping. You then prepare food for about 2-3 days. This allows you to buy larger packages of food.

You can save a lot by purchasing larger packaging. It also saves you time.

Part meal prepping

Preparing portions of the meals is also an option. For example, making a large pan of brown rice or preparing vegetables. Try to vary as much as possible. You can do this by freezing several meals every time you meal prep for a later moment.

Points of attention

There are a few things to keep in mind when meal prepping. For example, it is important to let cooked food cool down before you put it in your fridge or freezer. In this way, you prevent bacterial growth.
You can store meals in the fridge for up to 2 days. Food in the freezer can be stored for up to 3 months. By using stickers on your containers you can note the date and what is in the container.
Nowadays there are also reusable freezer bags for sale. This saves space in the freezer.
By making a weekly menu you can also save a lot of money and still eat healthily. Make this at the end of the week when all folders are known. Based on this, you make your shopping list. This prevents impulsive purchases.

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