Everyone loves good food. You probably also like to snack from time to time, but after several unhealthy cookies, bags of chips, and ice cream, you notice that your body does not quite agree. However, that doesn't mean you can't snack. We will just tell you how it can be done; in a responsible way.
In this article, we describe several healthy snacks that you can eat with confidence. We also zoom in on several snacks that you should avoid and the reason for this.

Responsible tasty food? 8 healthy snacks in a row

Healthy Snacks1Tasty and healthy food comes in all shapes and sizes. When people eat healthy meals, they can still eat very unhealthy snacks.

We have a list with several tasty food ideas as an alternative. Just as tasty, but a lot healthier as food!

1. Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts, if unsalted, are packed with healthy fats and leave you feeling full. As a result, you will not have an appetite for a longer period. For example, almonds in a nut mix are super healthy.
Unsalted peanuts and cashew nuts also contribute to counteracting a feeling of hunger. A nice win-win, because they are also full of beneficial nutrients!

2. Sliced ​​vegetables with hummus

Vegetables are very low in calories and full of vitamins. Humus is a protein-rich spread that makes vegetables even tastier. It can therefore be perfectly combined with vegetable dishes as a snack, is healthy, and makes your food tastier.

3. Apple with peanut butter is healthy

You may not know this combination yet, but apple goes very well with peanut butter. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and you have a delicious and healthy snack!

4. Dark chocolate as good food

Chocolate with 60% or more cocoa is packed with antioxidants. So it's not even that bad! When you eat some dark chocolate now and then, it is not only very tasty, but it may also improve your mood.

5. Tomato and mozzarella

Tomato contains many vitamins and mozzarella contains many good fats. Together with some basil, this is a snack to eat.

6. Edamame as a healthy snack

Roasted edamame (dish of unripe soybeans) is a delicious light snack. It contains a lot of iron and magnesium; two important minerals for your body. So you no longer need iron or magnesium supplements!

7. Chia pudding

You can make chia pudding yourself by mixing the superfood chia seeds with water or almond milk. Add some herbs or dark chocolate for a delicious taste sensation.

8. Good food thanks to pickles

Pickles are nice and sour and contain only 8 calories each. So it doesn't hurt at all to snack on a few when you're hungry. In addition, there are certain pickles available that are fermented. These pickles are not only very tasty but are also good for your intestinal flora.

Which snacks are best to avoid?

Healthy Snacks2Eating healthy food is not always easy if you do not know exactly which snacks to avoid.

In principle, many snacks are doable if you eat them in moderation. However, some snacks are better left behind.
This mainly concerns snacks with bad additives, or substances that are contained in the snacks to a high degree (such as, for example, a lot of sugar). Below we explain 3 types of snacks that you should avoid.

1. Snacks with a lot of added sugars

Packaged cookies, candies, and drinks often contain a lot of added sugars. It is good food, but not very healthy. Then if you are craving a cookie, try using a tasty food recipe to make a cake or cookies. Then you know exactly what's in it.

2. Unhealthy tasty food such as chips and fries

As tasty as they are, it's better to leave potato chips. Several studies have shown that fries and potato chips are associated with weight gain. Then choose vegetable chips or sweet potato fries from the oven.

3. Processed Cheese and Meat Products

In themselves, cheese and meat products are not that unhealthy. However, be careful not to eat processed products, such as a Cordon Bleu, or cheese dipping sauce. Opt for an unprocessed variety if you want to snack on it. That is just as tasty food as a processed product.

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