You are probably not alone when you say that you sometimes drink fruit juice for extra vitamins. Yet it is also sometimes said that fruit juice is not as healthy for you as you think. What is right now and what is not?
In this article, we look at the pros and cons of drinking fruit juice for extra vitamins. We also mention other options for getting more vitamins.

The benefits of drinking fruit juice

Fruit Juice For Extra Vitamins1Fruit juice contains nutrients from many fruits. You can choose orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, or combinations of different fruits. Each type of fruit has its nutrients, so in theory, you could get all the right vitamins and minerals by drinking a glass of fruit juice now and then. Here are some benefits of drinking fruit juice for extra vitamins.

1. Thirst quencher

Water and tea are good drinks to quench your thirst, but not always tasty. Fruit juice also quenches your thirst while also providing you with all kinds of good nutrients.

2. Fruit juice for extra vitamins

Fruit contains a high concentration of vitamin C, but also vitamins A, D, K, and much more. So you get a good dose of these substances when you drink juice.

3. Natural sugars

Unlike cookies and cakes, fruit contains a lot of natural sugars that are better for your body. However, it is still important not to consume too much sugar.

4. More delicious for children

If your child does not like certain fruits or vegetables, a multi-fruit juice is a good way to give them these fruits without them noticing.

The disadvantages of fruit juice for extra vitamins

Fruit Juice For Extra Vitamins2Despite the benefits and great taste, drinking fruit juice for extra vitamins also has drawbacks for your health. It is therefore important to find a good balance and not to depend on fruit juice for your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins.

1. Lots of (added) sugars

While natural sugars are better for your body than artificial ones like E numbers, they are still sugars. Moreover, many fruit juices nowadays also contain added sugars that give your blood sugar level a significant spike and increase the risk of diabetes.

2. Bad for your teeth

Citrus fruits in particular are very acidic and can damage the enamel of your teeth. Drinking a lot of juice can eventually stain your teeth.

3. Fruit juice for extra vitamins is low in fiber

Although many fruits contain fiber, they are filtered out in most fruit juices. As a result, you lack fiber and you can experience problems with your intestines.

4. Vitamins dissipate

Water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, dissipate when they come into contact with water or juice, such as in a fruit drink. You may think that you are getting a lot of vitamins, but you are getting fewer vitamins than if you were to eat a loose fruit.

How do I get my vitamins?

Fortunately, if fruit juice for extra vitamins is not an option, there are other options for getting your vitamins. These ways are often not enough on their own to get all the right nutrients, but combined you always get the right substances for a healthy life.

  • Eat loose seasonal fruits, such as apples, strawberries, and pears.
  • Make your juice and drink it right away, so you retain most of the vitamins.
  • Take supplements when you are deficient. Always do this in consultation with a doctor.
  • Prepare plenty of vegetables with your dinner, these are also packed with vitamins.


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