The European medicines agency EMA has today approved Pfizer's corona vaccine. This means that people over the age of 16 can receive the vaccine in the Netherlands. The approval of Pfizer's corona vaccine also means that other European countries can start using it.
However, the European Commission has yet to give the final green light for the administration of the vaccine. In all likelihood, they will decide tonight whether to approve Pfizer's vaccine. EMA's findings will weigh heavily in their decision.

Start vaccination in the Netherlands

So it remains to be seen what the decision of the European Commission will be. Since it is expected to follow the advice of EMA, vaccination against the coronavirus in the Netherlands will probably start in January 2021.
Ton de Boer, who took part in the European assessment of the vaccine as chairman of the MEB, said: “This is the way to reduce the coronavirus. Like the Netherlands, we have also issued a positive recommendation. The vaccine is effective, safe, and of high quality.”
In any case, the approval of the corona vaccine ensures that it will soon be the Netherlands' turn when it comes to vaccinating against the coronavirus. For the time being, the vulnerable in our society will first receive the vaccine. This includes the elderly, vulnerable people, and care workers.

European drug agency EMA1
Pfizer's corona vaccine has been approved by the EMA (Image for illustration)

Pfizer corona vaccine side effects

Still, many Dutch people have doubts about the Pfizer vaccine. Especially when it comes to the potential side effects of the vaccine. According to De Boer, they are mild: “We already know side effects from other vaccines. They are short and fairly mild. Pain and swelling at the puncture site, elevation, headache, muscle pain. These are the reactions you can expect.”
Leonor Wijnans, also affiliated with the MEB, adds, There is a lot of talk about this. But I want to emphasize that this high speed is the result of the great efforts of many people. No important steps have been skipped in the security process.”
The administration of Pfizer's corona vaccine has already started in the United Kingdom and the United States. There have been no serious side effects to date. It has been shown that the vaccine can result in allergic reactions.

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