Have you ever wondered if supplements for kids are worth it? As you know, vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the body – especially during the growth phase of children. Children who are in the growth phase need thousands of chemical reactions in order for their cells to develop normally. That is why vitamins are indispensable. In fact, the word vitamin comes from the words “vita” and “amine”. Both words together mean “substances necessary for life”.
Most of the vitamins we need get into our bodies through food or thanks to the sun (such as vitamin D). As a result, if children have a healthy and balanced diet, rich in vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, and grains, they will receive most vitamins through a healthy and varied diet. However, no food in itself contains all the vitamins that children in the growth phase need for their development. A varied diet is therefore very important.
The content of this article is based on scientific publications and was written in collaboration with medical specialists/nutritionists.

Are supplements for growing children really necessary?

Kinnder SupplementIt should be borne in mind that childhood is a critical period for brain growth and development. It is therefore advisable to provide a child with extra nutrients with the help of the right food supplements – especially when the diet cannot meet the total needs. For example, if a family is on a vegan diet, then there are vitamins and minerals that are missing from this type of diet. For example, you can think of vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron, calcium and zinc. This is very important to keep in mind as the deficiencies of some of these vitamins or minerals can cause serious problems. Think of “rickets”; a disease that softens and weakens the bones. So it is good that when you go to the pediatrician, you consult a pediatrician about the supplements needed and the amounts that your child should take in order to develop properly. For example, vitamin D supplementation for children is common.

Natural supplements for children in their growth phase

Baby HealthOmega 3 fatty acids: These are essential fatty acids that occur, for example, in the tissues and fats of fish and in olive oil. However, only the omega-3 fatty acids from fish contain the necessary EPA and DHA form. The problem is that fish is increasingly contaminated by mercury. It is, therefore, preferable to take omega 3 through a dietary supplement. Omega 3 fatty acids are indispensable for lowering blood fats, improving cognitive capacity, developing vision, effective learning and memory. It is therefore an important nutrient for children who are in their growth phase. So this list of natural supplements for kids wouldn't be complete without omega 3 fatty acids!
Echinacea (coneflower): This is a plant that helps boost the immune system. It is therefore an ideal way to prevent or reduce colds and flu. Perfect for kids during a cold season.
Calcium: This is one of the most important supplements for children during their growth phase as it promotes the development of teeth and bones.
Iron: Iron is crucial for the transport of oxygen to cells. Therefore, when, for example, children have little or no appetite or consume few nuts, red meat, and shellfish, it is important to use iron supplements.
Vitamin B12: Supplementation of this vitamin is especially crucial for children following vegan or vegetarian diets, as B12 is not found in plant foods. The lack of this vitamin can cause serious irreversible effects. The most common symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency are paleness, weakness, and fatigue.

Consult a pediatrician first

Discuss the use of supplements for children with a pediatrician before giving them to your child. Taking large amounts of vitamins, minerals, or other supplements can be toxic and lead to symptoms such as nausea, headache, or diarrhea. Always keep supplements out of the reach of children.

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