Preventing injuries is something everyone would like to achieve while exercising. It is of course very unpleasant to experience problems with certain parts of the body while you are doing your best to improve your health. While some injuries can happen accidentally or suddenly, there are a few handy ways to prevent them as much as possible.
In this article, we look at how injuries can occur in sports and how you can best prevent injuries.

How do injuries arise?


Injury 1There are several ways in which injuries can occur during exercise.

Some injuries are quickly healed, but others can be very serious. To prevent injuries, it is important to know what causes most sports injuries.
There can be several reasons for an injury. For example, you can think of the following matters:

  • Sports without a warm-up
  • Making lots of repetitive movements
  • A bad attitude
  • Stretching your body too far
  • Using wrong material

Prevent injuries naturally

You can prevent injuries in several ways. This way you have healthy food that can help you to give your body a boost, but it is also important to take physical measures yourself. Prevent injuries with these 6 tips:

1. Learn the Right Technique

Most gyms have trainers who can explain to you how to use certain equipment. By listening to them you reduce the chance of injuries due to incorrect use of the material. Do you exercise at home? Then there are also YouTube videos that explain these techniques to you.

2. Start Slow

When you just start exercising, the best way to prevent injuries is to start slowly. So do not immediately lift 40 kilos, but start with 10 or 20 kilos and build it up slowly.

3. Warm up to avoid injury

Not only does a warm-up help burn calories; it also ensures that your muscles are warm enough to handle a tougher workout. This way you can keep up with this workout for longer.

4. Eat a Balanced Diet

Your body needs vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to function properly. When you get all these substances in your daily diet, your body will become stronger and can recover more easily from muscle pain.

5. Alternate Exercises

By using a lot of variety in your workouts, your body will have enough time to recover. You don't put too much pressure on one body part.

6. Prevent injuries by drinking plenty of water

The University of Rochester shows that drinking water is also very important in preventing injuries, because water can prevent overheating, exhaustion and dehydration. Therefore, always take water with you while exercising.

What should I do if I cannot prevent an injury?

Injury 2If you have suffered an injury, this is of course very annoying. You might want to continue exercising, but it's best to get plenty of rest.

If you have an injury to your arms, you may still be able to walk a lot or do some leg exercises. That also applies the other way around. Still, rest and a healthy diet is the best solution to remedy the injury as quickly as possible.
The help of a doctor or physiotherapist can also contribute to a speedy recovery from this injury – especially when it comes to your muscles.

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