Everyone should eat a healthy amount of protein-rich food every day. Proteins (also called “proteins”) are important if you want to lose weight, for example.
Sometimes it can seem like an impossible task to lose weight and lose weight. Yet there are plenty of ways to make this possible, without having to stick to a strict regime.

Common protein-rich foods in the United States

There are many products available in the Netherlands that contain sufficient protein, including both animal and vegetable alternatives. Usually meat – such as beef, pork, or chicken – is at the top if you want to take in a lot of protein.
Lighter varieties, such as turkey and fish, also fall under protein-rich foods. In other words, there are plenty of foods that can increase the intake of proteins to facilitate weight loss.
This article will describe which protein-rich foods can contribute to weight loss.

The importance of eating protein-rich foods during weight loss

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About 35 percent of your total calorie intake should be filled with proteins. To be assured of this, you can make a calculation. If you need to consume about 2,500 calories per day, you need up to 187.5 grams of protein.
Protein boosts your metabolism and you experience a decrease in an uncontrollable urge to snack. Also, eating enough protein can help regulate certain hormones that can be linked to your weight.
Several health benefits that can be achieved by eating a protein-rich diet may contribute to successful weight loss. It is therefore certainly interesting to find out how protein intake through food contributes to weight loss.
This is therefore the first reason why proteins should certainly not be missing from your diet.

Regulation of certain hormones

Certain hormones in your body control the feeling of hunger. If higher hormone levels of “ghrelin” are available in your body, you will be more likely to have a lot of food cravings.
Adding protein-rich foods to your diet reduces ghrelin levels. This will give you a feeling of fullness faster, which will make you want to eat less.
In addition, an increased protein intake increases satiety hormones such as GLP-1, Peptide YY, and cholecystokinin (CCK). Proteins are therefore an effective method to assist you with weight loss.
Therefore, choose protein-rich food to facilitate the process of losing weight for yourself, since you can positively influence certain hormones.

Strengthens and accelerates metabolism

Consuming protein-rich foods also ensures that the thermic effect (TEF) of food combustion is directly activated. Many of the calories ingested are used for digesting the food immediately after ingestion.
Protein has a much higher TEF content than other elements in food, such as carbohydrates or fat. The metabolism or digestion is significantly accelerated by proteins.
You'll burn calories faster this way, which is an advantage if you're committed to losing weight. You often don't even have to eat less for this at first.
Just a change in food products can do a lot to promote weight loss. As long as you eat enough protein-rich food, your body will usually start working for you on its own.

No more uncontrollable food cravings

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Especially in the evening hours, you can suffer from binge eating because the need for food can rise sharply. Especially if you still see the little result, it becomes easier to be tempted and to snack on something in between.
Eating protein-rich foods may eliminate many of these cravings. In other words, by switching to a high-protein diet, you benefit from a feeling of fullness.
As a result, you will be less likely to give in to food cravings over and over again. All of these cravings are lowered by dietary protein, making it a lot easier to stick to a low-calorie diet.
In addition, you will see positive results faster and that is of course all about it. Now that you know this, it becomes interesting to learn which protein-rich foods are best for a healthy diet.

1. Halibut and Wild Salmon

With halibut, you can achieve a rich intake of proteins. Halibut also contains very few calories, so you will soon experience the benefits of this protein-rich food.
It is also a lot more filling than other foods, such as oatmeal and vegetables. If you add halibut to your high-protein diet, you are likely to get enough vitamins, minerals, and protein.
Wild salmon also has a high protein content and also ensures that your insulin levels remain low. This will significantly reduce your inflammation.

2. Commonly used protein foods are lean turkey

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If you want to eat healthy meat, which is known as a protein-rich food, then you should ideally choose lean turkey.
This is one of the healthiest meats out there. It is low in fat and calories and also gives you a good dose of protein per serving.
You also get a significant amount of DHA omega-3 acids, so that your body can function better than before. This stimulates brain function more effectively and prevents the growth of fat cells.

3. Quinoa

Quinoa has long been known as a real superfood among vegetarians. After all, quinoa also contains a good dose of protein; namely up to six grams per cup.
In addition, it also contains essential amino acids, which benefit your health. Thanks to high fiber content, you also get a feeling of fullness faster, which ensures that you continue to eat less quickly.
You can add quinoa to many dishes and it is easy to prepare. If you don't like quinoa, you often won't even notice it if you mix it with enough other tasty foods. Think healthy stir-fries.

4. Peas and Chickpeas

Peas and chickpeas are both high-protein foods, which can quickly contain more than eight times the amount of protein than spinach. In contrast, they are low in fat or calories.
In addition to proteins, peas also contain a high content of amino acids, such as glutamine. This type of amino acid supports your muscles during training, allowing you to quickly build more muscle strength.
In addition, peas improve your digestion and drastically reduce the need for unhealthy foods.

5. Artichoke

If you are looking for protein-rich food that can easily suppress hunger pangs, then artichoke is a vegetable. This vegetable is packed with protein and fiber; with often higher contents than many other vegetables.
The prebiotic fibers also help to reduce inflammation, control gut bacteria and satisfy hunger pangs.
Moreover, there are very few calories in artichoke, so you only benefit from the healthy benefits of this vegetable.

6. Guava

This tropical fruit has a high protein density. Taking one cup of guava can easily provide up to 4 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber, and only 112 calories.
This fruit also contains a rich amount of vitamin C, making it an excellent alternative to add to many dishes. So if you're looking for a fruit with a lot of protein, guava is a great option!
Although it can be difficult to find this tropical fruit in the Netherlands, if you can buy them somewhere, there is certainly benefit. In short, guava is a very suitable fruit to add to a high-protein diet.

7. Beans

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High-protein beans include white beans and lima beans. These beans are richly supplied with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals so that your brain and muscles continue to function properly.
As long as no harmful weed killers have been added to beans, you will reap great benefits from consuming beans. It makes you feel full faster, making you less likely to want to eat again.
You can easily add beans to many different types of dishes so that you always get enough of them to take in a healthy amount of protein.

8. Lentils as a protein-rich food

If you want to get protein from plant-based foods, you need significantly more of it. Lentils contain a large amount of protein, but you quickly need a lot of it to get the same amount of protein as with animal products.
In addition to protein, however, lentils are full of additional minerals that contribute to bone health, such as magnesium, potassium, iron, folic acid, copper, and manganese.
They also contain fiber that contributes to good digestion. Sufficient reasons to add lentils to your diet as protein-rich food.

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