When looking for cheap vitamins, choose the house brand of your local drugstore instead of going to a specialty store. Vitamins are vitamins, right? That does not always appear to be the case, especially because it is sometimes said that cheap vitamins work less well than a more expensive variant. We check for you whether this is correct!
In this article, we look at why you should take cheap vitamins, what the difference is with more expensive vitamins and whether they are good for you or not.

Why do people take cheap vitamins?

Cheap Vitamins1It is difficult to give an exact classification of cheap vitamins, but most vitamins that you buy at a drug store (such as the house brand) can be identified as cheap vitamins. There are several reasons why someone would go for the cheap variant. The main reason for this is cost, where convenience comes close to second. It is simply easier to cycle to the drugstore for 5 minutes than to have to wait 2 working days for your package.

Also, not everyone always has the same amount of money to spend on vitamins and supplements. If they do, the costs can quickly add up.

What is the difference between cheap vitamins and expensive vitamins?

Cheap Vitamins2When we look at the difference between cheap and more expensive vitamins, we see that there is no difference in the vitamin itself. Vitamin A is vitamin A, no matter the cost. Where the big difference is, are the excipients that put the supplement together. These excipients influence the effect and health of the pill itself. When selecting a vitamin supplement, it is, therefore, useful to pay attention to the following points:

1. Ingredients

When you take a vitamin pill, you naturally want to get as much of the vitamin as possible. It is therefore important to look at the ingredients list on the packaging. For the best quality product, you prefer a supplement where the recommended daily amount (RDA) of the vitamin is 100% or more if that is healthy. This is possible with almost any supplement, except calcium. This would make the pill too big to swallow.
Also, look at the fillers that are added to the pill. When a supplement contains more fillers than vitamins, you pay a lot for little. In addition, the fillers affect your health. Some companies use lactose as a filler, but if you are lactose intolerant, this is not a good option.

2. The best before date

Supplements that are almost past their expiration date are often cheaper than other vitamins. Here the ingredients can still be as good, but if you go past the best-before date, there is a chance that the vitamins no longer work as well as before. Ideally, you want vitamins that have a long shelf life.

3. Exceeding the RDA

While vitamins with a high percentage of the RDA are almost always the best choice, in some cases you should also be careful. Vitamins such as folic acid, A, D, E, B3, and B6 have a daily maximum. If you exceed this limit, you can suffer from various side effects. A vitamin pill with 100% RDA is not a problem, as long as you do not eat any products with these vitamins that day. If you do, it is more convenient to take a pill with a lower RDA. Unless you have been instructed by your GP in connection with a shortage.

4. Claims and Effects

According to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, supplements, preparations, and vitamins are not allowed to make health claims about the effect of the product. To make these claims, you need permission and proof from various Dutch and European institutions. However, products may indicate where the vitamins can help. The difference here lies in the word “can”. If a product claims without clear evidence, it is wise to remain skeptical about this.

Do cheap vitamins work less well?

When we finally look at the difference between cheap vitamins and the more expensive variant, cheap vitamins do not have to work any less well. Often the effect of the product has to do with the best before date, the percentage of ADH of the product, and any other additives.
When you find a cheap vitamin that has 100% RDA, few fillers, and long expiration date, it doesn't hurt to choose it instead of a more expensive variant.

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