The elections are getting closer and closer and it is important to choose the best for our future. Parenting, childcare, and contraception are also increasingly being discussed. But what do our parties think of that? We'll figure it out for you.

Birth control

Because not all people are ready to have children yet, contraception is a good solution to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Contraception from the age of 21 is currently not included in the basic health insurance package. D66, GroenLinks, ChristenUnie, PvdA, PvdD, and BIJ1 want contraception to be 100% reimbursed, regardless of your age.


When it is not possible to give birth naturally, people should have the option of using IVF. LGBTI+ couples also have the right to receive 100% reimbursement for their IVF treatment, according to D66, VVD, and BIJ1. D66 also wants to fully reimburse IVF for surrogacy and the VFD no longer wants to limit the number of IVF attempts in women up to the age of 45.


PvdA, GroenLinks, D66 and BIJ1 want abortion to be made easier. The abortion pill must therefore also be made available to the general practitioner and abortion is removed from the criminal law. These parties also want the 5-day cooling-off period to be abolished. People who have abortions have often already thought about this carefully. BIJ1 also wants to fully reimburse abortion, because it is a heavy undertaking that does not require you to have costs on your mind.
The SGP wants to abolish abortion, but on the other hand, wants to do more research into the prenatal and neonatal screening. ChristenUnie wants to allow abortions, but reduce the amount through better guidance.

Pregnancy Discrimination and Parenting

Parenthood, And Childcare1If your contract is not renewed because you are pregnant, this constitutes pregnancy discrimination. GroenLinks, D66, BIJ1, and PvdA are strongly against this and want to take a strict approach. The Party for the Animals also wants to increase its commitment to breastfeeding and believes that lactation care should be part of the basic health insurance package.

PvdA, PvdD, and BIJ1 want both parents to be allowed to take maternity leave. This is then 100% reimbursed by the employer. GroenLinks wants 10 weeks of maternity leave for both partners, with the first 3 weeks being fully reimbursed. The remaining 7 weeks are then partly reimbursed. The ChristenUnie and the CDA maintain the current leave rules but want parents to be able to take leave when their children turn 12 and 18.


Although this has been a topic of discussion in The Hague for some time, many parties are now also coming up with the idea of ​​making childcare free for parents. D66 and the PvdD believe that childcare should be free four days a week. BIJ1 and 50Plus want to make childcare completely free. GroenLinks also wants to reimburse the BSO, but the PvdA believes that parents make a small contribution to the BSO when they can do so.
DENK is also for free childcare, but only for lower and middle incomes. The SP, VVD, and Christenunie, on the other hand, believe that childcare should not be free, but should be cheaper. They want the playgroup to be free for children from 2.5 years old. CDA does not think a free crèche is a good idea but does want to abolish the allowance system. The government has to pay for childcare directly and parents make an income-related contribution.
Finally, the SGP wants to start your childcare facility to be easy, so that parents are not dependent on the existing childcare. CDA, PvdA, BIJ1, D66, and PvdD want to make working from home easier if the job allows it. This allows parents to spend more time with their children.


The benefits system as it is now is not good enough. Almost all parties agree on this. The parties that want free childcare are therefore also removing the childcare allowance because it is no longer necessary. Parties that want to pay for childcare directly also prefer to get rid of the allowance, because parents then make a small contribution based on their income.
GroenLinks wants the child budget and child benefit to be combined into one income-related contribution for each child. The CDA wants parents to receive 3x child benefits when their child is born. The PvdD wants to make child benefits dependent on the income of the parents, but the FvD prefers that child benefits become a major deductible item in income tax.
The SGP wants to support larger families by giving them €1000 upon the birth of the fourth child. In addition, they also want to increase the child budget and child benefit to encourage larger families and parenthood. Parents who do not need childcare can use that amount to send their children to playgroup and primary school later on.


Parenthood, And Childcare2D66, PvdA, DENK, and GroenLinks want to merge the nursery, pre-school, playgroup, and primary school into one community school so that children can stay longer at school to learn and play. GroenLinks also wants to include the BSO in this. The PvdA also wants to include the lower classes of secondary education in this.

BIJ1 wants secondary education to have broader bridging classes so that there are enough opportunities to support the different learning methods. They also want to test the level of the pupil at other times, so that they receive better school advice. This school advice must be independent of the child's living situation.
All parties want smaller classes so that students receive more personal attention. That way they can develop better.

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