Nowadays almost all care products contain a collagen supplement. Yet hardly anyone knows what such a supplement does exactly and why it is in so many care products.
In this article, we look at what collagen is, what it does, and whether you need a collagen supplement.

What is Collagen?

Collagen Supplement Information1Collagen is the main component of connective tissue throughout your body. It's in muscles, your skin, tendons, and ligaments. It is therefore very important for your overall health. Collagen also has many different functions, such as strengthening your bones and keeping your skin supple and healthy.

Your skin naturally produces collagen, with the help of vitamin C. That is why you also see many skincare products with added vitamin C. Yet some people take a loose collagen supplement. This also has several benefits for your health.

The benefits of collagen supplement

Collagen Supplement Information2Collagen is therefore very important for the health of your body. It is therefore not surprising that many people choose to take a collagen supplement to support their health. This comes with multiple benefits, from improving your skin to relieving osteoporosis symptoms.

1. It fights joint pain

Collagen supplement ensures that the structure of your cartilage remains intact. This is the part of your body that protects your joints and bones from damage. Research has shown that collagen can counteract symptoms of osteoporosis and also relieve joint pain.

2. Collagen supplement is good for your skin

Especially people with older skin benefit from the use of collagen. This substance helps to strengthen the skin and tighten it naturally so that you are less bothered by fine wrinkles. It also helps to strengthen your skin.

3. It gives you more muscle mass

Between 1 and 10% of your muscles consist of collagen. It is very important to maintain the strength and function of your muscles. Taking a collagen supplement can reduce muscle loss due to age or illness, allowing you to maintain muscle mass for longer.

4. It's good for your heart

Your blood vessels also contain collagen, especially your arteries. Without collagen, they would be too weak to move your blood carefully throughout your body. Collagen also contributes to raising your HDL cholesterol. This version is good for your body and keeps your arteries smooth and healthy.

5. It strengthens your hair and nails

Your hair and nails also benefit from a collagen supplement. A good amount of collagen helps to strengthen your hair and nails and to prevent brittleness.

Do I need a collagen supplement?

When you follow a balanced diet, you hardly need a collagen supplement. Still, it can be good support for your body. When your skin or joints suffer more quickly, supplements with collagen can be of great benefit. This way you keep the annoying symptoms at a distance.
Always consult your doctor before you start taking supplements. They can give you appropriate advice about the supplements in combination with your current medication.

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