Natural remedies and health stores often talk about herbal preparations. These preparations are said to help you stay healthy and fight disease. Yet many people remain skeptical about these claims because is it true?
In this article, we look at what herbal preparations are and how they can contribute to your health.

What are herbal preparations?

Herbal Preparations Contribute 1Herbal preparations are substances that are said to have a certain effect on the body, such as reducing appetite, without clear scientific evidence of this. Where medication is approved by a scientific agency, this does not happen with herbal preparations. The preparations come in various forms, from tinctures to balms and pills. They contain extracts from herbs, flowers, and plants.

Many people assume that herbal preparations are good for health because they only consist of natural products, but this is not true. Natural products can also be harmful to health. That is why the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) warns that you should be careful when using herbal preparations. Also, the preparations may only contain ingredients that are not harmful to public health.

Do herbal preparations work?

Herbal Preparations Contribute 2Despite the warning from the NVWA, herbal preparations are still very popular. This has to do with the intended use of these resources. There are several reasons why someone uses herbal preparations. For example, you can use preparations to supplement your existing medication or to help with minor ailments, such as a cold or a sore throat.

Herbal preparations used to treat minor ailments are often scientifically proven to be effective. Look at chamomile. This plant is effective in reducing nausea and can prevent constipation. There is sufficient scientific evidence for this. This remedy is often drunk as tea and has few to no side effects. So it works well as a herbal preparation.
The difference between a healthy use of herbal preparations and unhealthy use lies in the purpose of the use. When you take something because you're feeling nauseous or because you have a sore throat, you're hoping to relieve your symptoms, not cure the ailment. This is sound practice.
However, using herbal preparations to try to cure a serious illness is unhealthy to use. The preparations are not approved by a scientific institute and lack the active substances to combat this disease. Compare it to a broken bone. You can use herbs to ease the pain, but you can't use them to put your bone back together. You need the medical knowledge of a doctor for this.

Can preparations contribute to your health?

Ultimately, we can conclude that herbal preparations can contribute to your health, but only as a supplement to your existing diet and medication. It does not hurt to drink a cup of chamomile tea now and then or to swallow valerian capsules to sleep better. However, if you have chronic sleep deprivation or severe stomach upset, it is wiser to visit a doctor who can determine a cause and prescribe appropriate medication.
It is also important to never use herbal preparations just like that because some herbs can get in the way of the effect of your medication. Therefore, consult your doctor before using herbal preparations. For example, the use of Ronald in tea and supplements is not recommended.

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