Have you ever taken a blood count test? It gives you useful insights into your health and possible deficiencies you may have. When you get tested regularly, you can also see patterns in your blood values. For example, you know when you have a higher chance of a vitamin deficiency and when you do not have any deficiencies.
In this article, we look at what a blood value test is, what you can use it for, and which tests are available.

What is a blood count test?

Blood Under The Microscope1A blood count test is a test in which some small amounts of blood are taken for testing. In consultation with your doctor, you can indicate what you would like to be tested for. Some people only want to check their vitamins and minerals, while others let them do everything.

Your blood will be tested in a lab and after a few days, you can call your doctor who will give you the results. They adhere to strict rules here. If one of your blood values ​​is not in order, the doctor or assistant will immediately give you advice about what is best for you. Sometimes it is wise to visit for additional research, but sometimes you can also just take some supplements to supplement the deficiency.

How often should I have a blood test?

When you have a blood test, you get an idea of ​​what your blood looks like at that moment. In most cases, this is fairly stable, and testing once a year is sufficient. However, there are also other times when it is best to perform a blood test more often, such as:

1. When you change your diet

A sudden change in your diet causes your nutritional values ​​to change as well. Especially when you start to eat less, it is important to check whether you are still getting enough nutrients.

2. You have sudden persistent symptoms

If you suddenly feel very tired or have had muscle pain for weeks for no particular reason, an extra blood test can come in handy. You can immediately see whether it has to do with your blood values ​​or not.

3. You want to optimize your health with a blood test

If you are an avid athlete and want to maintain your health, a blood test can help to optimize this. This way you have better insight into your cholesterol level and other important nutrients.

4. You want to reduce the risk of diseases

If you are susceptible to hereditary diseases, or you want to prevent cardiovascular disease, a blood test can also provide a lot of insight. If your cholesterol level is then on the high side, you know that you should pay more attention to that.

Which blood test should I use?

Blood Under The Microscope2There are more blood tests than you might think. They all have a different function, but if you have your blood tested you can ask for several tests at the same time. Below we have a list of the most common blood value tests in the Netherlands. You can discuss with your doctor which one suits you best.
  • The BSE test. A test in which your blood is examined for inflammation.
  • HB test. To check the health of your blood and to check if you may be anemic. They often also take this test at a blood bank.
  • PSA test. This test is for men to see if there are any abnormalities in their prostate.
  • RAST test. This test has been developed to see what you have an allergic reaction to.
  • CRP test. This test comes after the BSE test and determines what the inflammations are and how serious they are.
  • glucose test. To check whether the blood sugar level is in order. This test is widely used in diabetic patients.
  • Nutrient Check. A test to check whether all your nutritional values ​​are still in order.


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