Are you considering using products for beautiful skin, such as a vitamin C serum? Then you may be looking for additional information. Because what exactly could such a serum achieve? A good question!
In this article, we, therefore, zoom in on this skincare product and explain what vitamin C does as a nutrient, what the science behind a vitamin C serum is and we indicate when your skin can use it.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C Serum1Vitamin C is perhaps the best-known vitamin. Vitamin C functions as an antioxidant and maintains our resistance. It also ensures good iron absorption and helps in the production of connective tissue in our body.

Vitamin C is abundant in various fruits and vegetables and is an important part of our daily nutrient intake.
In the past, sailors regularly suffered from a vitamin C deficiency, which caused them to contract scurvy. Nowadays, a vitamin C deficiency is rare and a deficiency can easily be remedied with the help of supplements or by eating more vegetables and fruit.
Since vitamin C also contributes to the firmness and health of the skin, more and more skincare products such as vitamin C serum are being marketed today.

The science behind a vitamin C serum

A vitamin C serum is a skincare product with added vitamin C. This was developed because this vitamin has several good properties for the skin.

1. It hydrates the skin

Vitamin C helps with moisture retention, which is ideal if you suffer from dry skin. Your skin will therefore feel less dry and less prone to cracks.

2. This Vitamin Helps Create Collagen

Collagen is an important strengthener of the skin, which is produced to a lesser extent with age. By using a vitamin C serum, your collagen production gets a boost, making fine wrinkles and lines less visible.

3. It protects against sun damage

Vitamin C Serum2Too much exposure to direct sunlight is harmful to the skin. However, the antioxidant properties of the serum ensure that this damage is counteracted.

In other words: A good serum containing this vitamin can protect your skin from sun damage. That's not all! Read on to find out what else a vitamin C serum can do.

4. Vitamin C Accelerates Wound Healing

When you have a wound, vitamin C can help speed up the healing process. The antioxidant properties prevent the wound from irritating and the extra production of connective tissue helps with a quick recovery, according to research.

5. It reduces pigmentation spots

Age, sunlight, and other factors can cause pigmentation spots on your skin. A serum with this vitamin helps to prevent this and to give your skin a solid color. A good vitamin C serum can also help reduce acne.

Does your skin need a vitamin C serum?

When you eat healthily, you do not necessarily need extra of this vitamin in the form of a serum containing vitamin C. Nevertheless, using a serum can help reduce the signs of aging, which some people find important.
A natural vitamin C serum is usually suitable for every skin type and has virtually no negative properties. Whether it is necessary to use is therefore a personal decision, but has no medical necessity.

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