In this article, we look at several insomnia tips that can help you sleep better at night. We have divided these into 3 categories: food, lifestyle and environment.

Nutrition insomnia tips

Insomnia Tips1Nutrition plays a big role in our lives. It keeps us healthy, gives us energy, and ensures that we can grow well as children. However, diet can also be a culprit, such as when you eat too many unhealthy things, or when you drink too much alcohol and coffee. It is therefore important to pay close attention to your diet if you want to sleep better.

1. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is found in coffee, black tea, and energy drinks. It is a fine substance to give you an energy boost because it blocks your adenosine production and stimulates your serotonin. Adenosine is a substance that makes us sleepy and serotonin is a stimulant. When you consume a lot of caffeine too late in the day, your body has more trouble unwinding because you are still “excited”.

2. Drink less alcohol

Although alcohol makes you fall asleep faster, it does reduce the quality of your sleep. You sleep lighter so that your body relaxes less and you recover less well. By reducing your alcohol intake to just a few drinks a week (on the weekend for example), you will soon sleep better.

3. Insomnia Tips: Avoid Fatty Foods

As attractive as it is to order a hairdresser in the evening or to open a bag of chips, don't do it. Eating a lot of fat upsets your stomach, making it harder for you to fall asleep because your body is busy processing food. You can also suffer from heartburn.

Lifestyle tips against insomnia

Insomnia Tips2The way you live your life also influences your sleep schedule. Someone who is gaming late into the night will sleep less well than a person who goes to bed at 10 am every night. Therefore, always keep in mind the way you organize your life because it can be very important for your sleep.

1. Reduce the use of electronics

Electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, and TVs give off a so-called “blue light”. This light confuses our brains, making them think it is daylight. As a result, your body makes less melatonin, so you feel less tired and therefore fall asleep less quickly.

2. Don't take naps

Unless you need to take a nap for some medical reason, don't do it. Research has shown that a nap can confuse your internal clock, giving it the impression that it is already evening. The moment you want to go to sleep, this is not possible or less well.

3. Keep a Rhythm

We are creatures of habit and our bodies need a routine. That is why it is important to go to bed and get up at the same time as often as possible. Your body can then prepare for sleep so that you are already in your “sleep mode” when you go to bed.

Insomnia tips for your environment

Insomnia Tips3Finally, your environment also influences your sleep. Think of your bedroom, but also the outside environment of your house. How noisy is it outside? Do you suffer a lot from light during the day, or does it stay dark for a long time? These are all factors that affect your sleep. So it's more important than you might think.

1. Take in more natural light

Natural daylight is a great indicator that we need to be awake. That is naturally in our system. That's why it's important to get as much daylight as possible during the day so that when the sun goes down, your body prepares itself for sleep.

2. Make your bedroom the ideal environment

We sleep best when there are a few disturbing factors as possible around us. So set up your bedroom in such a way that these factors are removed. Think of street lighting, outside noises (such as the neighbors, but also the washing machine), and make sure your room has the right temperature. Too hot or too cold is not good either.

3. Get a comfortable bed

While a cheap mattress may be budget-friendly, it can also cause problems in the long run. Therefore, invest in a good bed and a good mattress, so that you sleep in a better position and therefore also get a better night's sleep.

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