Have you ever tried breathing exercises? Many people sometimes do them when they want to relax, when they want to sleep better or to reduce tension. There are therefore dozens of different techniques for better breathing that you can try. After all, something different works for everyone.
In this article we look at different breathing exercises and when you can best perform these exercises.

Different breathing exercises and techniques

Breathing Exercises1When you suffer from stress and tension, it can help to use some breathing exercises. These exercises allow your body and mind to relax and help you to calm down. Because not every technique is equally effective for everyone, we will write a few for you so that you can find out for yourself which one suits you best.

1. Breathe through your lips

In this stress breathing exercise, you put effort into exhaling, which causes your attention to focus on breathing instead of the stress. You start by relaxing your shoulders and neck and taking a deep breath through your nose. Then, when it's time to exhale, press your lips together as if you're going to whistle/lift something heavy, and slowly squeeze the air out. This takes about four seconds.

2. Breathe through your belly

This breathing exercise abdominal breathing can be a bit tricky at first but is very effective for relaxing. You start by lying on your back with your head on a pillow and your knees slightly bent. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Breathe in through your nose and feel your belly pressing against your hand. Blow out the air through your mouth/lips and tighten your abs and feel the air go out again.

3. Equal Breathing

This breathing exercise is designed to bring balance to your body by allowing you to exhale and inhale for the same amount of time. You start by assuming a comfortable position, preferably sitting. Then you breathe in and out through your nose. Choose several beats at a time, such as 3 beats in and 3 beats out. Focus on this number as you breathe. When you are ready, you can also take a short pause between the inhalation and exhalation of 1 or 2 seconds.

4. Breathe for 5 seconds

This is also known as “Resonant Breathing”. In this exercise, you make sure that you take exactly five breaths per minute. From research has shown that this way of breathing can reduce symptoms of depression when it combines exercises with yoga.
You start in a comfortable position and inhale for 5 seconds. Then exhale for 5 seconds again.

When is the best time to perform breathing exercises?

Breathing Exercises2It is important to take the time to perform breathing exercises. They are most effective when you keep them for about 5 to 10 minutes. Since this can feel very long, it also works if you build it up. Plan 2 minutes every day where you perform one or more of these exercises, after which you increase the time by one minute each time.


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